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Laurie always had a passion for fitness and thirst for adventure. After spending her career in Corporate America as an accountant, she decided to pursue a lifelong dream of opening a studio of her own. A dear friend of hers introduced her to the Lagree method in California and immediately she was hooked. Battling constant knee pain and numerous surgeries she was on the hunt for a low impact workout that still brought intensity. Laurie has brought this workout to Queens and her goal is to create a community of dedicated Lagree enthusiasts. You can find Laurie in the studio and taking class on the megaformer next to you.

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laurie benenati


IG Handle: @benela39
Favorite Lagree Exercise: Dancing Bear
Why I Lagree: I love the high intensity workouts without the high impact especially since I have multiple knee injuries. I am able to challenge my body while quieting my mind. It is so inspiring and heartwarming to workout with my amazing team of instructors and dedicated clients.
You’ll always hear me saying this in class: Smile! You Got This!
Favorite Muscle Groups to Target: Obliques & Glutes
Fun Fact: I am obsessed with collecting passport stamps and want to step foot on every continent. Some of my favorite places I’ve been to include New Zealand, Thailand and Greece. I am scared to death of heights but have no problem skydiving!

Laurie grew up and currently lives in Queens, NY. She’s spent some time in Newport Beach, CA and Manhattan. Laurie graduated St. John’s University with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and worked for various media companies since then. She always knew she was meant to do something else in the field of fitness and service. In 2017, after taking a trip to Bali, she decided to jump ship, pursue a lifelong dream and opened lagreeny. Laurie has always been active and adventurous. She loves snowboarding, travelling and football.

Certifications: Lagree Fitness: Level 2, Balanced Body Pilates Mat & Reformer

laura gilreath


IG Handle: @laurakristenx
Favorite Lagree Exercise: I LOVE to pulse lunges. When your legs are exhausted and you keep pushing them deeper into the exercise, then you press back into full range. WHEWWWWW!! I crave it!
Why I Lagree: I love to get my heart rate up and feel my body working HARD without sweating through my clothes.
You’ll always hear me saying this in class: Let’s get them high booties!!!
Favorite Muscle Groups to Target: The Booty!! Also, I love working that inner thigh.
Fun Fact: When I was in high school, I started training for the Miss Georgia Muscle Competition.

Laura is a Georgia Peach living in The Big Apple with her cute husband, scaredy dog and needy cat. She is a marathon runner, spinning enthusiast, and loves to chat it up. When Laura is not working out her body, she loves to work that mind, training kids ages 3-9 the artistry of chess. She’s always been into fitness since she started a running club with her friends in 2nd grade. She loves to teach because she loves helping people feel their bodies come alive. Laura has a BFA in Theatre and is ACE Group Fitness Certified.

Certifications: Lagree Fitness: Level 1, 30/60/90 Certified, ACE Group Fitness Certified, CPR Certified

tiger brown


IG Handle: @stigerb
Favorite Exercise: Scrambled Eggs
Why I Lagree: I always feel the most accomplished after my workout, and completely put back in alignment. It’s almost like taking a ballet barre for me. I feel so strong and ready to tackle whatever is in front of me.
You’ll Always Hear Me Say This In Class: Wrap Your Burritos! Knit your ribs!
Favorite Muscle Groups to Target: Inner Thighs & Glutes
Fun Fact: I also teach dance master classes around the country!

Tiger originally hails from New Jersey (and proud!), but is happily living in Astoria. She is a serious foodie, wanderluster, yoga enthusiast, and book lover. She still continues her journey in the performing arts not only as a performer and teacher, but also as a choreographer. She holds a degree in Theater from NYU Tisch, and has been a dance teacher for over 10 years. Tiger is super proud to be a part of this stellar lagreeny team!

Certifications: Lagree Fitness: Level 1

andrea dusel-foil


IG Handle: @aduselfoil
Favorite Lagree Exercise: Spider Kicks
Why I Lagree: To feel strong in my body.
You’ll always hear me saying this in class: It’s gonna be fun. Are you breathing?
Favorite Muscle Groups to Target: Abs all day.
Fun Fact: I hate burpees.

Andrea was born and raised in Casper, Wyoming, and grew up dancing. After graduating high school, Andrea completed her BA in Dance Performance from UNC CHARLOTTE, the Professional Training Program at North Carolina Dance Theatre and the Independent Study Program at the Ailey School. Since then, she has danced with Ballet Theatre of Maryland, Ballet Mink, MCG Dance and The Coppola Rhythm Ensemble. Andrea began her journey into fitness as a form of cross training and rehabilitation. She started with Pilates and Yoga and followed with her Lagree Fitness Certification in 2013. She believes in working with clients in a supportive and non-judgemental manner and promises you, “It’s gonna be fun.”

Certifications: Lagree Fitness: Level 2, DK Bodybalancing: Comprehensive Pilates Certification, It’s Yoga International: 200 hr Ashtanga Yoga & 50 hr Rocket Yoga, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

marie carrol


IG Handle: @midgenewin
Favorite Lagree Exercise: Super Lunge
Why I Lagree: I love the intensity! It’s never the same workout twice.
You’ll always hear me saying this in class: Mind over muscle!
Favorite Muscle Groups to Target: Arms and the THASS (the butt crease, where the THigh meets the ASS)
Fun Fact: I’m also a graphic designer and help with lagreeny’s branding and marketing collateral.

After spending over 20 years behind a desk doing graphic design, Marie pursued her passion for fitness. She believes health and wellness is a mental as well as physical journey. There is no one way to achieve results and see progress. She always encourages her clients that it’s not about perfection, but progress! You may run into her on the streets of Astoria with her two beagles, Hammer & Clover!

Certifications: Lagree Fitness: Level 1, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Balanced Body Pilates Instructor in Training, First Aid/CPR

emily wolff


IG Handle: @nycity_fit (fitness)
Favorite Lagree Exercise: Standing Inner Thighs
Why I Lagree: To challenge myself mentally and physically.
You’ll always hear me saying this in class: Draw your shoulder blades together / shoulders down your back / relax your shoulders or some variation of that… posture is everything!
Favorite Muscle Groups to Target: Glutes!
Fun Fact: I am secretly a cat lady, but don’t own any 🙁 one day…

Emily moved to NYC from the Washington DC area in 2016. In mid 2017, she decided to leave her desk job to enter the fitness world. She currently teaches Lagree and barre at Physique 57, and loves all things fitness. She lives in the neighborhood, so if you skip class to go to QWNS Cafe, she’ll find you! 😉

Certifications: Lagree Fitness: Level 1, Physique 57 Certified Barre Trainer

natasha karoutsos


IG Handle: @nsafa
Favorite Lagree Exercise: Floor Lunge
Why I Lagree: I lagree because I love the change I see in my body.
You always hear me saying this in class: Make that change happen!
Favorite Muscle Group to Target: Booty!
Fun Fact: I was once mistaken for Mila Kunis and received a free meal and drinks.

Fitness is the center of Natasha’s life. Good energy equals good vibes. She’ll try any exercise method once …Lagree got her hooked! Natasha works with special needs children as a speech therapist and moonlights as a Lagree instructor. “Love what I do…AND I’m a mommy of two!”

Certifications: Lagree Fitness: Level 2

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