casie tisellano

IG Handle: @casiertisellano

Favorite Lagree Exercise: Wheelbarrow

Why I Lagree: To do something for myself, and to remind myself that I am a strong woman.

You’ll always hear me saying this in class: Sooo good!

Favorite Muscle Groups to Target: Abs & Glutes

Fun Fact: I put ghost chili pepper on everything!

Casie grew up in a small town in Texas, playing sports and cheerleading since she was 4 years old. In 2006, she moved to NYC to go to musical theatre school. After working in theatre for a few years, Casie retired from “the biz” and worked in the restaurant industry, always making fitness and working out a part of her daily routine. Fast forward a few years, she got married to a New Yorker and hasn’t left. Casie and her husband have one son, who is the center of their lives. Lagreeny has made such a huge impact on Casie’s life. She started working out there shortly after she had her son. It whipped her into shape, and she was hooked! Casie received her Certification in Lagree Fitness in July 2018 and is so proud to be a part of this amazing team.

Certifications: Lagree Fitness: Level 1

tiger brown

IG Handle: @stigerb

Favorite Exercise: Scrambled Eggs

Why I Lagree: I always feel the most accomplished after my workout, and completely put back in alignment. It’s almost like taking a ballet barre for me. I feel so strong and ready to tackle whatever is in front of me.

You’ll Always Hear Me Say This In Class: Wrap Your Burritos! Knit your ribs!

Favorite Muscle Groups to Target: Inner Thighs & Glutes

Fun Fact: I also teach dance master classes around the country!

Tiger originally hails from New Jersey (and proud!), but is happily living in Astoria. She is a serious foodie, wanderluster, yoga enthusiast, and book lover. She still continues her journey in the performing arts not only as a performer and teacher, but also as a choreographer. She holds a degree in Theater from NYU Tisch, and has been a dance teacher for over 10 years. Tiger is super proud to be a part of this stellar lagreeny team!

Certifications: Lagree Fitness: Level 1

the workout

The Lagree Fitness Method is a high intensity, low impact workout performed on the evolutionary Megaformer. Lagree is the most innovative full body conditioning fitness model. It is intense on the muscles yet safe on the joints, spine and connective tissues. Lagree effectively combines strength, cardio, endurance, balance, core and flexibility training in each exercise. The movements performed are slow and controlled which activate the slow twitch muscle fibers also known as your fat burning and endurance muscles. This workout is suited for both men and women regardless of fitness level. Get ready to plank, lunge and torch some serious calories. Classes are only 50 minutes long. You don’t need more time, you just need more intensity!