Upon recommendation, I decided to stop in and try lagreeny, a newly opened studio featuring megaformers. I had never tried them in the past, but it was something I kept hearing such great reviews. Luckily for me, this place had the most up-to-date machines! Two months later, I’m so happy that I stopped in! The trainers at lagreeny are more than trainers – they are motivators and warm-hearted individuals that truly are passionate about our experience at lagreeny. Be assured the workout is both effective and achievable, yet exceptionally challenging and certainly never gets easier! Each session is a full body workout and you walk out feeling such accomplishment and pride. I’m grateful a studio such as lagreeny has opened – the space is immaculate, trainers are fantastic, and the workout is incredible!

– Daniela D.

I am the girl who has struggled with my weight for many years.
I’ve spent year after year “starting over” at a local gym and never being able to get into a good routine. I always felt like I didn’t belong in there and all eyes were judging me. In retrospect that was all probably in my head…I say this because walking into lagreeny was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my health!

When I first walked into the studio (btw – so clean!), I was instantly greeted by the owner Laurie, and as she explained the lagreeny method to me, I knew instantly I would give this my best shot. After my initial shock of how challenging these workouts are (They are no joke! Hang in there!), something amazing started to happen. I started to enjoy my workouts! This is no small task; I was always convinced that people who said they loved working out were all liars! And now, I was turning into one of them! I was tapping into this strength and fighter inside of me (I even cried once because I couldn’t believe what my body was capable of!) and it made me feel INCREDIBLE! I was hooked!

I’ve lost weight and I feel so strong! And though I have a long way to go, I feel hopeful that I can reach my goals! That in itself is invaluable!
I KNOW that I could not have done it without the ladies of lagreeny! They are so great! They are experts on the megaformer and know how to safely guide you through a workout. They know the delicate balance between challenging you and allowing you to embrace the level you are on.

A little bit about the instructors I’ve worked with:

Laurie- Is SO sweet and kind hearted! She encourages you before, during, and after a workout! She is a great motivator and brings her contagious energy to every class. She’s always rooting for you! Who doesn’t need that in their corner?
Keisha- She will whip your butt into shape! She is very kind and very supportive, she’ll challenge you to do things you didn’t think you could. She lets the fighter out in me! I usually leave her class feeling like, “if I could do that, I could do anything!!”
Andrea- She makes you feel like everything is going to be ok during class. She has this calming presence that makes me feel so safe on the megaformer. Maybe it comes from also being a Yoga teacher. I am so grateful for her classes, she keeps me slow and controlled.
Eileen- She is so good for your soul!(And abs!) So fun and SO emotionally supportive during class! Such a girls girl! I love that! She has a way of making me less critical of myself and dares me to love and nurture it instead! Just awesome…
Try lagreeny! You won’t regret it!

– Erica P.

Taking 12 classes in one month taught me a lot about my technique – there are always chances to improve and I feel way more confident in my performance now after taking a higher volume. lagreeny has done so much for me in my own fitness journey and finishing this challenge was amazing for my muscle definition, endurance and my own confidence.

Your team is really the best!!! Thank you for everything.

– Charlotte L.

Leading up to finishing 12 classes my body is getting stronger. I look forward to class. Each class is a challenge for me. I love to feel the burn and how my body responds to the exercises. The core exercises are challenging for me. However i do feel an improvement. I love lagreeny its so much fun and hard work. No pain no gain!

– Amanda S.

After spending most of the summer out of the gym, I was a bit apprehensive of jumping into the fall challenge. Laurie and her staff of instructors made getting back into a fitness routine extremely easy and fun. I was a good sore rather than a bad sore and feel my overall energy level has increased in my first month of lagreeny. I highly recommend lagreeny Astoria to anyone looking for an intense workout and to anyone wishing to jumpstart their fitness journey.

– Michael I.

The fall challenge (and any of your past challenges) has been exactly what I needed to remind myself of what my body can do when there’s a little extra motivation pushing me. It’s definitely a jump start to recommitting to myself and my own goals. Summer was fun and I want fall fun (red wine!?), but the challenge has helped me balance it all out. Looking forward to finishing it up this week. Thanks for everything Laurie!!

– Calli I.

I joined lagreeny not knowing what a huge positive impact it would have on my running. Right when I signed up, I was training to do a 12-13 mile race. I’ve always been a runner but never really enjoyed long distances. Now my endurance and stamina has definitely improved. I’m able to run longer and faster. I feel more flexible and the muscles in my core and legs are stronger and better able equip to handle all those miles.

– Sarah R.

lagreeny is the best thing to happen in Astoria! This workout is challenging and after every class I feel like a warrior. The results are more than just muscle building (which is a guarantee) – I am much more confident about my fitness overall. Laurie and the instructors have created such a supportive and empowering environment. I’m so glad to be a part of this community. You can start this journey at ANY level – they will work with you and you will be taken care of!

– Roxanna B.