laura gilreath

IG Handle: @laurakristenx

Favorite Lagree Exercise: I LOVE to pulse lunges. When your legs are exhausted and you keep pushing them deeper into the exercise, then you press back into full range. WHEWWWWW!! I crave it!

Why I Lagree: I love to get my heart rate up and feel my body working HARD without sweating through my clothes.

You’ll always hear me saying this in class: Let’s get them high booties!!!

Favorite Muscle Groups to Target: The Booty!! Also, I love working that inner thigh.

Fun Fact: When I was in high school, I started training for the Miss Georgia Muscle Competition.

Laura is a Georgia Peach living in The Big Apple with her cute husband, scaredy dog and needy cat. She is a marathon runner, spinning enthusiast, and loves to chat it up. When Laura is not working out her body, she loves to work that mind, training kids ages 3-9 the artistry of chess. She’s always been into fitness since she started a running club with her friends in 2nd grade. She loves to teach because she loves helping people feel their bodies come alive. Laura has a BFA in Theatre and is ACE Group Fitness Certified.

Certifications: Lagree Fitness: Level 1, 30/60/90 Certified, ACE Group Fitness Certified, CPR Certified