danielle robak

IG Handle: @danielleashleyrobak

Favorite Lagree Exercise: Dancing bear- you’ll rarely find a class of mine without it.

Why I Lagree: The challenge is addicting! I’ve found that strength training is where I see the most changes in my body, and I love that Lagree is a low impact way for me to look and feel strong.

You’ll always hear me saying this in class: You’ve got this!

Favorite Muscle Groups to Target: Biceps & Obliques

Fun Fact: I lived in Chicago for 2 years shortly after college, before moving to NYC.

Danielle grew up dancing competitively, which instilled a love for an active lifestyle from an early age. For her, fitness serves as an outlet; a way to feel better from the inside out. She’s passionate about sharing these benefits with her clients, and watching them grow stronger physically and mentally. Originally from Melbourne, Florida, Danielle moved to New York for a taste of the big city and her career in the financial industry. She met her husband Patrick shortly after, and they live together with their pup, Denver.

Certifications: Lagree Fitness: Level 1