nora pearlman

IG Handle: @nora_hpearl

Favorite Lagree Exercise: Runners Lunge

Why I Lagree: I Lagree because I love the way the workout makes my body shake and feeling the energy and support of the person on the machine next to me supports me through the class.

You’ll always hear me saying this in class: Yes you can! Feel the burn and do it anyway.

Favorite Muscle Groups to Target: Obliques

Fun Fact: My perfect day would be a day at the beach soaking up the sun and listening to the waves!

A born and raised LA girl, Nora moved to New York in May 2018. After taking just one Lagree class, and feeling the effect physically, as well as mentally, she knew this was the workout for her. Nora is constantly amazed how there is always room to evolve and make the workout more challenging—just as you thought you’ve mastered it! Nora loves helping people find a personal connection to the things they pursue, and wants clients to feel that connection in their workouts. Nora believes that fitness, specifically group classes, are a meaningful way to be inspired by others and also to embrace your inner warrior. Nora brings her energy and heart into every class and hopes clients will too.

Certifications: Lagree Fitness: Level 1, Fit for Birth Pre & Post Natal Certified, First Aid/CPR

tiger brown

IG Handle: @stigerb

Favorite Exercise: Scrambled Eggs

Why I Lagree: I always feel the most accomplished after my workout, and completely put back in alignment. It’s almost like taking a ballet barre for me. I feel so strong and ready to tackle whatever is in front of me.

You’ll Always Hear Me Say This In Class: Wrap Your Burritos! Knit your ribs!

Favorite Muscle Groups to Target: Inner Thighs & Glutes

Fun Fact: I also teach dance master classes around the country!

Tiger originally hails from New Jersey (and proud!), but is happily living in Astoria. She is a serious foodie, wanderluster, yoga enthusiast, and book lover. She still continues her journey in the performing arts not only as a performer and teacher, but also as a choreographer. She holds a degree in Theater from NYU Tisch, and has been a dance teacher for over 10 years. Tiger is super proud to be a part of this stellar lagreeny team!

Certifications: Lagree Fitness: Level 1